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About Kobot

Kobot is a dynamic, user-centred web design team dedicated to realizing your full potential on the web. When you need the world to see how passionate you are about what you do, we're here to make that happen.

We don't do cookie-cutter websites and we don't do the same-old, same-old: we take carefully-considered design and couple it with cutting edge web development and content strategy to ensure your message is heard. We want to transfer your values and goals to the web and help you get noticed.

Kobot works with people as invested in themselves and their business as we are in ours. We want to work with innovators, risk takers and creative personalities. We love meeting people who want to do more, who aspire to greatness.

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We create thoughtful websites. Contact us to talk about yours.


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"I'll do a wheelie, you guys film it."
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The projects manager is making it RUFF to do our job. #kobotstudiolife
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Fresh box of pencils! #handsoffbirtles #kobotstudiolife
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@bryanbirtles takes his first dip into 21st century coding!!! #kobotstudiolife
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Getting some sun in here!!! Hard to imagine it is going to be -30°C tomorrow! #kobotstudiolife
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Stefan (@pastlives) teaching us why you cannot divide by zero.
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A semi truck got stuck in our back alley, so another semi showed up to tow it out. Then that truck got stuck.
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Happy Ukrainian Christmas. #kobotstudiolife
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Clear definition of management structure is crucial to any business. #kobotstudiolife
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How we make websites. #kobotstudiolife
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Even Sherman is transfixed by @arthurgang's Cuba stories. #kobotstudiolife #solidarityrock
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Not blood. #kobotstudiolife
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Planning the Solidarity Rock website! #kobotstudiolife
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It's double-dog day at Kobot! #kobotstudiolife
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Stefan giving me a script to automate nerd stuff. He then took it back and said I wasn't ready. #kobotstudiolife
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Food shoots mean there's usually food when it's all done! #kobotstudiolife
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Who We Are

Kobot is a collective of three University of Alberta graduates: a designer, an engineer and a writer drawn together by a shared passion for collaboration, creativity and punk rock. While making products for the digital realm, Kobot employs the values of a previous age: care, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

What We Do

You wouldn't be satisfied by a product or service that's "good enough," and neither are we--we want to make the web work for you in every way possible. To do that we take a holistic approach, developing comprehensive digital strategies that go well beyond "just a website." From user-centred design to social media strategy, your success is our business.

  • Website design
  • Brand & Identity development
  • Digital Strategy & Social media
  • UX/UI design
  • Content services & strategy
  • CMS & Web App development

How We Do it

It's important to us that you get a website that's right for you, not a lesser version of someone else's. We custom build each site we make, integrating your goals, values and strategy.

We do it in three steps:


"A website is more than a colour scheme and fonts"

The most important part of building a website happens before colours are picked or code is written. We look at your identity, existing content, your needs, competitors and marketplace to create the most effective web presence possible, one that reflects your values and communicates them to potential clients.


"Good research begets good design, good design begets success"

Once we've assessed the needs of your organization, we get to work. And while we work we keep you up to date on our progress and get feedback to make sure you get a site that helps fulfill your goals. We want to build websites that find solutions to the challenges you have, such as reaching a wider audience or communicating your message.


"You're always trying to improve, and so are we"

Once the site is built, we work with you to ensure you know how it works and what it can do for you. Not to worry--it's easy: we use a custom content management system that's straightforward and intuitive. It's our business to make your site successful, and we're as invested in our business as you are in yours.

Our Recent Work

ECAMP screenshot

Edmonton City As Museum Project

For decades the idea of a city museum has been proposed, studied, planned and subsequently abandoned in our hometown of Edmonton. Our clients at the Edmonton Heritage Council wanted to finally get the ball rolling by creating a website that promoted building a bricks-and-mortar museum that would tell the story of Edmonton as an urban centre.

Instead, we made them a counter-proposal: rather than tell the story of a museum, get started telling the stories that will be in the museum. We suggested an online museum whose exhibits come from a wide variety of Edmontonians, that tells the story of Edmonton while setting the tone and building support for a physical museum. To our delight, they jumped at the idea.

Then we set about creating it: we had to marry crowdsourcing with the authority of an arms-length government agency. We had to create a system that was easy to update so that it didn’t eat into the other important work the EHC does. We had to come up with content and social-media strategies that allowed the EHC to get the word out about the site for next to nothing.

We couldn’t be prouder of the way the Edmonton City As Museum Project turned out: it’s colourful, informative and its tone has the correct balance of cynicism and enthusiasm Edmontonians do.

Edmonton Manual screenshot

Edmonton Manual

Every doctor who wants to practice medicine in Canada needs to pass a series of tests called Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, or OSCEs. They’re practical tests where a medical student meets with a patient—being played by an actor—and they need to diagnose them based on the symptoms they present. They’re difficult to study for and not very many high-quality resources exist.

A few years ago, however, the University of Alberta Medical Students’ Association came out with a comprehensive OSCE study guide it called the Edmonton Manual. When they needed to update the website to better handle promotion and facilitate orders of the book, the editors of the Edmonton Manual approached us to create it.

We developed a sleek, simple-to-navigate site designed to walk medical students through the reasons behind the book and the benefits it will bring them, before facilitating the easy purchase of a copy. Everything is all on one page, with options to get more information without clicking away—users can delve as deeply into the content as they like, without leaving the conversion funnel. There’s no getting lost in some far-off piece of content.

Like many of our sites, the Edmonton Manual’s site is designed to do one thing: in this case, turn medical students into purchasers. We believe in stripping away everything that doesn’t help fulfill a site’s goal.

Pica Design Conference 2014 screenshot

PICA 2014 Design Conference

Pica is a design conference held by the Alberta North Chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada. Intended for emerging as well as established designers, Pica is being held in Edmonton this year for the first time since beginning in 1999. For the 2014 conference, Kobot is proud to be an official sponsor.

Utilizing branding developed by fellow conference sponsor the Met Agency, Kobot created a web experience designed to elicit excitement amongst the province's design community. We're selling to an accomplished audience, so we needed to make something that was dynamic, fun and fresh, something that worked well and in a way that elicited surprise.

We built a long-scrolling site that operates like a path, walking designers through the dates, location, speakers and workshops, before asking them to sign up. The branding is eye-catching and was easy to work with: we built it out into an experience that is both informative and fun, and hopefully reflects on the experience attendees will have at the conference.

Contact Kobot

Kobot builds websites for people as invested in themselves and their business as we are in ours. We want to work with innovators, risk takers and creative personalities. We love meeting people who want to do more, who aspire to greatness.

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