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About Kobot

Kobot is a dynamic, user-centred web design team dedicated to realizing your full potential on the web. When you need the world to see how passionate you are about what you do, we’re here to make that happen.

We don’t do cookie-cutter websites and we don’t do the same-old, same-old: we take carefully-considered design and couple it with cutting edge web development and content strategy to ensure your message is heard. We want to transfer your values and goals to the web and help you get noticed.

Kobot works with people as invested in themselves and their business as we are in ours. We want to work with innovators, risk takers and creative personalities. We love meeting people who want to do more, who aspire to greatness.

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We create thoughtful websites. Contact us to talk about yours.

What We've Been Up To:


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Couldn't be more excited for Friday.
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New sport at Kobot. #kobotstudiolife
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First look at @bryankulba's Apple Watch Pro prototype.
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Just four cool dudes at a golf tournament, one of which being a Member of the Legislative Assembly!!! #kobotstudiolife
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Sad chemex #kobotstudiolife
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Couple o' ding-dongs #kobotstudiolife
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Just three cool dudes cycling from meeting to meeting. #kobotstudiolife
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The former World Yo Yo Champion Jensen Kimmitt came into our office today. It was awesome.
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#Repost from @bryankulba: 
Kobot won a couple ACE awards this weekend for our work with @fedora_fanatic and @cjsr_fm!!! #kobotstudiolife 🎉
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Kobot won a couple ACE awards this weekend for our work with @fedora_fanatic and @cjsr_fm!!! #kobotstudiolife
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Stefan is makin' websites with math! #kobotstudiolife
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Tonight, Kobot's Ukrainian Xmas party refuses to get out of Ukraine. #kobotstudiolife
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What super powers will I get from this busted bio hazard bucket outside the office?
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Merry Xmas from everyone at Kobot!
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Kobot Christmas Craft Time. #kobotstudiolife
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Kobot chuckleheads posing for #securitycamdiaries via @vividprint. We just wrote about Vivid's social media approach at #kobotstudiolife
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"I'll do a wheelie, you guys film it."
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The projects manager is making it RUFF to do our job. #kobotstudiolife
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Fresh box of pencils! #handsoffbirtles #kobotstudiolife

Who We Are

Kobot is a collective of three University of Alberta graduates: a designer, an engineer and a writer drawn together by a shared passion for collaboration, creativity and punk rock. While making products for the digital realm, Kobot employs the values of a previous age: care, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

What We Do

You wouldn’t be satisfied by a product or service that’s "good enough," and neither are we—we want to make the web work for you in every way possible. To do that we take a holistic approach, developing comprehensive digital strategies that go well beyond "just a website." From user-centred design to social media strategy, your success is our business.

  • Website design
  • Brand & Identity development
  • Digital Strategy & Social media
  • UX/UI design
  • Content services & strategy
  • WordPress & Web App development

How We Do it

It’s important to us that you get a website that’s right for you, not a lesser version of someone else’s. We custom build each site we make, integrating your goals, values and strategy.

We do it in three steps:


“A website is more than a colour scheme and fonts”

The most important part of building a website happens before colours are picked or code is written. We look at your identity, existing content, your needs, competitors and marketplace to create the most effective web presence possible, one that reflects your values and communicates them to potential clients.


“Good research begets good design, good design begets success”

Once we’ve assessed the needs of your organization, we get to work. And while we work we keep you up to date on our progress and get feedback to make sure you get a site that helps fulfill your goals. We want to build websites that find solutions to the challenges you have, such as reaching a wider audience or communicating your message.


“You’re always trying to improve, and so are we”

Once the site is built, we work with you to ensure you know how it works and what it can do for you. Not to worry—it’s easy: we concentrate on making the content management system straightforward and intuitive, so you’ll have no difficulties. It’s our business to make your site successful, and we’re as invested in our business as you are in yours.

Our Recent Work

Jon Mick screenshot

Canada’s Greatest Living Comedian

Canada’s Greatest Living Comedian was a month-long marketing campaign that took place in the fall of 2014. It utilized social media, multiple websites and video to depict a disintegrating business relationship between Kobot and comedian Jon Mick.

We set out to tell a consistent story across a variety of channels, to use the conventions of social media and the web to create something that was rich in detail and entertaining. The challenge was that, with so many mediums in play, we risked losing the plot or confusing the audience. We didn’t want to just create a web series or a funny Twitter account—we wanted an all-encompassing, immersive experience on the web. To be all encompassing, however, we had to create an entire universe.

Altogether, we created twenty websites and utilized sixteen social media personas to tell the whole story.

But we can’t simply sum up the project with stats and numbers. This was a project that lived and breathed within the space of the web. To truly get a feel for it the immensity of the project, please check out our case study, or the project’s timeline.

Mini Mango screenshot

Mini Mango Website

Mini Mango serves really delicious Vietnamese food on Edmonton’s south side. Made quickly with fresh ingredients, the restaurant is a popular choice in that part of the city as a quick take out meal or even to sit in their small but well-designed dining room. Mini Mango has worked hard to set itself apart from the stereotypical noodle shop of inner-city Edmonton: through the design background of owner Nghia Truong, and the fresh and tasty cooking of his mother, Cang “Mama” Quach, they definitely have.

When Mini Mango came to Kobot, they were looking for a website that matched the restaurant’s forward-thinking, design-oriented aesthetic. And, as important as looks were, they needed the site to provide a user experience tailored to the way their customers interacted with the shop—it had to privilege take out, and make it easy for people to order and pick up on their way home.

We created a site that took its inspiration from the restaurant’s interior, its bright colours, clean lines and natural fibres. Then we put the menu front and centre, right on the homepage and easy to navigate, so that diners don’t have to click link after link to get to what they need: it’s right there in front of them. Finally, we worked hard on the responsive design, ensuring that the menu transferred seamlessly to mobile so that it would be of great use to customers who were on the move.

Our work on Mini Mango proves our ability to let a site’s primary goal stay primary. There’s no need to get bogged down in gratuitous links or navigation options: a takeout place needs a site that puts the takeout first.

CJSR Website screenshot

CJSR FM Website

For over three decades, CJSR has been the home of alternative news and music on Edmonton’s radio dial. When the organization came to Kobot looking to redesign an outdated and clunky website, it had two goals: create aesthetic and thematic connections between the station’s shows in an effort to increase listenership, and attract more support from the community in the form of volunteers and donations.

We tackled the first goal by building a new schedule and show listing that illuminated the connections between shows through a multi-step tagging taxonomy. Because of its diversity, CJSR shows are often “appointment listening” and the radio is turned off afterward. We worked to ensure that fans of one show would be made aware that they would find similar content in shows that occurred on other days or times.

To complete the second goal, we created content that walked readers through reasons CJSR needed the community’s support, and the benefits the community received from the existence of CJSR, then followed it with a strong call to action imploring readers to donate their time through volunteering, or their money. Then we made this content easily available from the site’s front page through highly visible callouts, banners and buttons.

CJSR’s website proves Kobot’s ability to develop strong content and connections between that content, and create websites that add value and develop deeper interaction between an organization and its audience.

Contact Kobot

Kobot builds websites for people as invested in themselves and their business as we are in ours. We want to work with innovators, risk takers and creative personalities. We love meeting people who want to do more, who aspire to greatness.

  • 82 (Whyte) Avenue
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10311c-82 Avenue (Back Door) Edmonton, Alberta

We are located in the back alley (far-right door) of the Ross Block Building (Plush) on Whyte Avenue.

Free parking is available along 81 Avenue (1hr) or paid in the various lots nearby.

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